Since I've come back from the States I drink more coffee now. I don't drink a ton, but I am drinking it more than I am used to. I also frequent more cafe's now, even though they tend to be pricy (think 2.50 - 3.00 for a cup of americano). I go maybe once or twice a week out, so I can sit and draw. The thing I hated about Paris was how fucking slow it all was. The great thing about Korea is that it indulges, but then it's a constant ping pong game of doing things. I guess pretty much that east Asia is like that.

I'm working on my Snarry Games entry, and it's going pretty good. (Go team snitch!)

I'm also planing my trip to Hong Kong in August. I really wanted to go to Azkatraz this year, but my break is only in August (with another in January). So Hong Kong it is, with the last Disney Land on my list. This will mean I've been to all five within the last 10 years! I went to Disney California when I was 13, again to Disney World this last January, Disney Paris May 2007 and Tokyo Disney last year.

Since I teach extra classes, I might be able to pay for my trip with overtime. I'm also thinking about going back to Disney Tokyo during one of my mini vacation breaks (x-mas, or chusok).

I hope that my plans in January don't fizzle either. I'm hoping to go to Barcelona and meet up with one of my good friends. :)
Eh. One thing I don't like about facebook is the fact that it suggests people to you. Therefore, people who you don't want to talk to can request to be friended.

Sometimes it's a good function, because you can find lost friends, or cousins you haven't talk to. Other times it's bad because lost friends can find you, or your family can find you.

I have a problem now. I don't talk to my father, because he's a sleaze bag, to put it nicely. Now, one of his sisters would like to friend me. I have nothing against her, but she is still my father's sister.

I don't want people interfering with my non-talking to my father. It's been almost 10 years since I've seen him, and frankly, there is nothing he can do/say that would make me change my mind. The problem with that side of the family is that, there is always the possibility that they'd pressure me to reconcile, or try to talk to me about him.

I frankly don't want to. I don't even want to hear about this. I've made my choice, and frankly he might have sobered up, but he's done little else to redeem himself. It's bad enough I see him on my sisters facebook.

Now my problem is, how do I politely tell my family I frankly do not want to talk to them, because their related to someone I loath?

Damn you Facebook, damn you.

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