One thing that really, really irritates me now more than ever, is the oversimplification of Asian culture. I can't stand certain stereotypes, good or bad about asain culture. Just like I can't stand stereotypes about American/Canadian/British/etc. culture. Seriously, don't garner all your information from media sources. It's fun to watch movies, tv, or read comics/books. Just don't believe everything you see or read.

I had a coworker last year who would consistently talk about US politics and the US. Unfortunately this individual seem to have garnered all his information from things like CNN and pop culture. Many times my Canadian coworker and I would have to gently break it to him to stuff it.

I feel that way about people who talk about places in Asia, like it's a mythical place.

Fact- Asain nations have lots of problems too. They have a lot of good points and bad points, just like back at home!

It's been bothering me for a couple of days. There was an article in the English language news paper a few days ago, by a moronic expat, telling about how western ideas (Like teh gays and all that) are destroying Korean society. How much better Korean society is to everywhere else, yada yada yada.

Then I woke up this morning to someone taking about Memoir's of a Geisha. That book irks me because geishas were almost never prostitutes. During the occupation, you could hire prostitutes that looked like geishas, but they were not geishas!
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Sorry, this is a bit ranty..

Well, I'm in China right now, so I really get what you speak of. For example, I'm expected to speek fluent English around here, just because I'm obviously a Westerner. I've lost count how often I've been asked if all Germans can speak English... Or if we really all practically learn it from Kindergarten.
What bothers me more, however, are the frequent misconceptions about Chinese and their culture. Obviosly, we do have a lot of problems here (Hey, not an industrial country, here! And those countries have problems like anybody else, although the starving part of the population might be a tad smaller.), but to judge Chinese for being undereducated about Tibet or their approach to human rights... First things first, I say. And get your facts straight, before... wait. It's prejudice I'm talking about.


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